How much did that cost? #14 and Mystery label #29

It certainly cost 7d and I am guessing that would have got you a pint of Bitter Beer. But who brewed it? Surely someone recognises the design at the top and we know we have seen the motif at either side of 7d before, but where? It almost looks as though there should be a brewers name in a semi-circle round the top of the label that got missed off the printing.


  • Edd Mather

    It may be an oddball suggestion , but could It be an early pump clip type thing?,
    As the name of Greenall’s is missing , thus obviating the need to advertise , if it’s from a Greenall’s Whitley pub .

  • Whoops

    Am I missing something or just being thick as usual. How do we know Greenall’s name is missing.

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