How much did that cost? #16

A question for you today. Clearly the label from Joseph Johnson’s Westoe Brewery indicates the bottle contained Sixpenny Mild Ale. However is the Sixpence just a name, presumably a sign of quality, or is it the price of the quart, pint or half pint of Mild? Sixpence would seem a low price for a pint of Mild in the 1930s, which is our estimate of the date. What do you think?

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  • Edd Mather

    Hi All,
    Hmm, bit of a puzzler ; could be a couple of things , 1) It could be just a brand name , or it could be that the beer was known as 6D for quite a while maybe since the early 1920’s .
    {Walkers of Warrington were using a 6 d brewhouse quality mark for their milds in the 1920’s (also 4 & 5 d milds in 1918-1919/20 )

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