John’s Desert Island Beer Labels #6

Red and green, then red and brown and now red and black. A bit of a theme; another design I really like from a brewery close to my heart.

Also worth mentioning is the contents statement, which appeared on so many labels in the 1930s and 40s. Was there a particular case which prompted the use of this sort of disclaimer?

Frome United

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  • Dale Adams

    As to the ‘disclaimer’, I seem to recall that this came into use during a period when there were rumblings from government regulators that consumers of the day may not be getting the full measure of what they were paying for. Bottle filling during that period was not consistent and on could easily see a visual difference in how full a bottle was. Of course during this time, there was no requirement for a ‘minimum contents’ to be placed on the labels and the breweries did not really want it to become a requirement as it would cause the need for large capital investment in more accurate bottle filling equipment. Therefore, they used the disclaimer to counter the argument. At least that is what I recall of the issue.
    Anyone out there know more or different????

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