Labels from breweries you’ve never heard of: #13

Extensive research reveals that High Baird & Co originally split from the family malting business in the middle of the 19th century and appeared as the Great Canal Brewery in records in 1930.


  • Vulgar Boatman

    Which canal was this brewery based on & of course what town. No clues on label.

  • Peter D

    Yes. This was a test to see if anyone out there who is interested in this theme. Fifty or more visitors have looked at this blog item. Surely someone has researched further to find out exactly where it was, and then thought, ‘I will respond to this blog post and let everyone know it was in Glasgow and on the Forth & Clyde Canal’.

  • Nick Drew


    It has a bit of a Tennents look about it. Any known connection?

  • Peter D

    Not that I know of, nor it seems does google, but an interesting question.

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