Labels from breweries you’ve never heard of: #14

The label was issued by J. Booth, of the Broadway Brewery, Burton on Trent. It previously operated as Cliff & Co, but was owned by John Booth from about 1886. When John Booth died in 1895, the brewery was closed and put up for sale. Booth & Co kept going for a few years and was bought by North Eastern Breweries of Sunderland in 1898. (Information from The Capital of Ale by Keith Osborne)


  • Label Tweets

    Brewed at The Broadway Brewery between 1886 and 1898. This info from one of our many Twitter followers, The Beertonian @Thoth1742

  • Peter D

    Thank you. It sounds like it was an ever-present at the brewery all the time it was associated with John Booth. Were there other beers with a similar lifespan?

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