Lascelles Tickner & Co; Castle Brewery, Guildford

Any excuse will do. Many of us would like a label like this in their collection. The Castle? Based on an actual castle, and there was one in Guildford, or another trade mark? I leave this one to our many contributors.

Lascelles Tickner

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  • Mick

    There was a Castle Brewery in Guildford. It was family run, but there was some sort of dispute where one of the family broke away.

    The rebel set up the Cannon Brewery, named because cannons destroy castles. There is still a pub called The Cannon in Guildford.

    A friend owns a building in Guildford (very close to The Cannon) that was built as a house for the family in the days of the brewery, and the story has been handed down.

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