Liverpool Bottlers and their brands #25

If anybody has any idea about this label, we would be very grateful. Onno sent the image in, so I guess it was brewed by the Phoenix brewery in Amersfoort, but is Percy Christian & Co Ltd a completely made up name?21-percy-christian-liverpool


  • Geoff Carrington

    Percy Christian & Co. Ltd. are listed in the 1938 Liverpool trade directory as General Merchants at 51 Drury Buildings, 21 Water Street, Liverpool. No mention of them as bottlers, exporters etc.

  • Peter D

    Thank you for that Geoff. I guess they only operated as an importer & distributor.

  • Onno Kleefkens

    To clear up this question: Percy Christian – Registered in Liverpool as an agent for the sale and export of lagers to West African ports. The company is clearly not a bottler, but it did trade under its own label. Percy Christian later comes under the brewery of Peter Walker (Warrington & Burton) Ltd.

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