Liverpool Bottlers and their brands #32

William Edmonds Jr. & Co were formed in 1861 and were early Liverpool bottlers of Guinness Stout and Bass Ales. Towards the end of the 19th century they were the second largest Guinness bottler with substantial trade in Australasia and South America. Pig Stout and Pig Ale were two main brands. Sales declined in the 20th century and they were eventually bought out by MacFee in 1935. johnson-pig


  • Dale Adams

    What a great shape for a label! Call it a ‘clover leaf’ maybe? The bottling industry created many great labels for all of us Labologists!

  • Paddy O'D

    Now then. Is it a 4 leafed shamrock, bejayzus?

  • Dale Adams

    Some might say it is a ‘Lucky Four Leafed Clover’!!! What say you??

  • Yo Da

    Lucky you are. Have one you do

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Yo Da on, have you seen my label swapping friend, Ob eer 1 OnU lately? I think I still owe him a label or two!

  • Renee Chalmerd

    I recently purchased a wood crate with a similar mark as the label with the pig and wording . Trying to figure out what it was used for and how old is it. It has rope handles and metal on the edges. Would you happen to know anything about the wood crate? Thank you.

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