LOTY 2017, kick start #2 Tipsy Angel Brewery

Another chance to contribute early to the 2017 LOTY charity, even if we don’t know what it will be yet. These labels are scarce, it is unlikely you have one, and unless you send £5 to the Society, it is unlikely you will get one. The first four who comment on this page and Paypal the money to the society will receive one of these labels, either by post, or by hand in Peterborough. Our thanks go to the brewer, whose name is lost in that glorious fog of the afternoon at Wigan Central.



  • Pete S

    Nice one Mr D.
    Consider me interested & would you advise email for PayPal account, by direct method of course.
    Not here on this nice but relatively insecure website.

  • Eric Dore

    Cheers Peter. But like PS I need the email address for paypal. Look forward to getting the TAB label at Peterborough. Eric

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