LOTY 2017, kick start.

Even though we haven’t got a venue for 2017, let alone a charity, why not help to kick start the fund? The first four visitors who leave a comment at the end of this post, will be able to acquire one of these labels from the Outstanding Brewing Co, for the East Lancashire Railway. You can be as complimentary as you like. If you want one of these labels you will need to donate a minimum of £4 to the 2017 LOTY fund, and we will post the label to you. Thanks to Dave at the Brewery for donating the labels.



  • Charlie D

    What a great day to return to the site! Having had a baby 2 and a bit weeks ago has made it hard to think about beer, let alone labels! And this is a particularly good beer to return to. Although I know it as Piston Broke on cask, I have had it in this form as well. On the East Lancs Railway funnily enough!

  • Trevor Chalmers

    Whilst I have not had a chance to try the beer, as a committed railway enthuiast what is there not to like about this label depicting an LMS Crab. Will have to try and tear myself away from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and pop over to the East Lancs Railway! I will happily pledge a fiver to LOTY 2017 in exchange for one of these labels, so if Peter D. would like to give me an address I will put cheque in post.

  • Radosław Kwiecien

    I collect train beer labels if someone want exchange some doubles plese write to me. Greetings from Poland

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Peter, Count me in for a £4 donation!

  • PeteS

    Not sure if all 4 done, but if 1 spare. Is mine, yes.

  • Peter D

    Labels to go to Trevor, Dale and Pete. Radoslaw would love to get one, but sadly this is beyond his present budget..
    I will pay postage to Poland and a pound. Trevor has already promised an extra pound, so come on, another £2 and I will ship to him. Peter

  • PeteS

    Ok Will send you £5 instead of £4. Just £1 needed then, I wonder where that might come from then? Hmm!

  • Charlie D

    Right, I’ll chip in the extra pound, I don’t want to see Radoslaw go without! I’ll get the money to you tomorrow Peter.

  • PeteS

    Dosh despatched

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