LOTY 2018

Label of the Year 2018 at Arkell’s delightful Brewery in Swindon proved once again that a determined effort by a small group of enthusiasts, with the support of a major brewer could raise a substantial amount of money for a local charity and recognise the excellent design of the labels which sustain our society. And it is a small group! We could not have done this without the work of Pete and Val who spend weeks constructing displays and sorting the labels into sets. A huge thank must go to them. We wouldn’t get the labels without the support of the brewers and members, Keith, Bernie and possibly others who tour the country collecting labels and those brewers who send us their latest designs. We raised £2000 for Swindon Hospice this year and thanks must also go to members of the Society, Graham, Michael, Keith. Nick and Edd the Brewer who donated labels and other brewery memorabilia, old and new for the Charity auction.

We must also thank the staff at Arkell’s for their hospitality, particularly Alex Arkell, who took us on the tour of the brewery and gave us the full story of the way the family had built today’s company. 

Finally, this year’s event celebrated a number of anniversaries. 60 years since the Society was formed, 175 years since Arkell’s Brewery was founded and we also learned that it is 80 years since the bottling line was installed at the brewery. Images of this year’s successful labels and photos from the day will appear very soon.



    As well as the above anniversaries, we should also remember that it is the 35th LOTY & we have a new running total of just shy of £70,000. Which is certainly something for us to be proud of.

  • Edd Mather

    Hi All,
    Sorry I missed this year’s meeting ; I’d loved to have been able to sample Kingsdown Ale in it’s home 22!!.
    Very happy to hear that the auction raised £2000 this year and for a very laudable charity.
    Best regards to the society at large,
    Cheers ,

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