Mystery Label #3

Something a bit different for the next few mystery labels; Neck Straps are now on the agenda.
I’ve had these knocking around for over 10 years and no clue as to the brewer, or bottler, that produced them and no clue as to the rest of the label set, i.e. the front or back.

Mystery Label #3
The first neck strap should be pretty simple for someone out there to help with, as it is part of a 1953 Coronation label dressing. It isn’t in our Gallery of 53 Coronations yet so don’t think you can look there! I look forward to someone revealing the answer, Thanks Dale



    I believe this neck is from WARWICK and RICHARDSONS. All their bottles had this on in 1953 !! AGM

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Alan
    Very interesting! There is no label for Warwick & Richardson’s in our 53 Coronation section on this site and, having checked a list of all 53 Coronation labels issued, there is no label for W&R on that list!
    So if your statement can be confirmed, then I can add this to my personal collection of 53 Coronation labels!


    Several years ago I bought a job lot of 1953 Coronation labels at auction and this neck strap was amongst them. Also in the lot were labels from Brutton, Mitchell Toms Ltd and David Roberts & Sons, these two labels being identical except for the brewers names in the lower panel, both labels have a code number in the right hand lower corner (CY4) which is similar to the code on the neck strap, the blue colour is the same shade on all labels so I had assumed that the neck strap was associated with one of these. I would be delighted to discover that the label was from Warwick and Richardsons as I am unaware of a Coronation label produced by them.

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Ian
    Very interesting!
    I have seen the codes similar to the ‘CN1’ on this neck strap used in a couple of ways:
    1) As a printers code that would appear to designate a specific label design/run that was likely used by brewery when they wished to reorder additional labels from the printer.
    2) As a code used by the brewery for a designation of a ‘bottle dressing’ code where the same code would appear on the front, back and neck label so as to enable the bloke who was responsible for putting the labels into the labelling machine to get all the correct labels on the bottles.
    Having checked my copy of the Brutton, Mitchell Toms Ltd coronation displays a significantly different royal crown illustration and based on that, I would discount my mystery label being a part of that set.
    The David Roberts & Sons coronation, is printed on very different paper stock and does not have gold background outline style of my mystery label.
    Based on this, I am beginning to believe that this mystery label is Not associated with either of the breweries named above and likely is associated with Warwick & Richardson’s as indicated by Alan!

  • Peter D

    Agree with Dale, the crown on the Brutton is very different. Warwicks & Richardson did not produce a label specifically for the Coronation, but may have produced the neck label during 1953, surely not for every bottle that year??
    And finally, David Roberts Coronation label is currently NOT illustrated on our site!!

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Peter D
    Many thanks for your comments.
    I am not sure that we have solved the mystery of this label yet so I hope that there are some members out there with additional knowledge and information!
    As to the David Roberts Coronation label, Robert’s Crown Ale, I am sending you a scan under separate email. Note that Roberts Crown Ale was apparently first produced for the 1937 Coronation and Robert’s continued with several versions of Crown Ale thereafter including Crown Ale No1. The Robert’s 1953 Coronation Ale was a completely new label and likely a relabeling of their Triple Crown Ale of the same period. Both labels are on their way to you now.

  • Dale Adams

    I reached out to one of the Society’s long time members and renowned label collector, Keith O, and he has provided the following additional information:

    Keith has stated that he has always believed that the illustrated neck label, Mystery Label #3, was used with both the Bruttons Mitchell Toms Ltd and David Roberts & Sons Ltd 1953 Coronation labels. Check these out in the Gallery feature for 1953 Coronation Labels and you will see that the labels from these two breweries were identical with the exception of the brewery details!

    He future adds that The Warwicks and Richardsons Ltd neck label he has in his collection is different from Mystery Label #3, and has a different code number. Also he has confirmed that W & R did not issue a special Coronation main label but chose to have the neck label on bottles of all their beers in 1953.

  • Pete S

    Well this little neck strap has certainly generated some interest. It now appears that the mystery may be on the way to being solved.

    My one problem is that the crown on the neck label (Mystery Label #3) is different to the crown depicted on the labels by Brutton, Mitchell Toms Ltd and David Roberts & Sons. Was this intended or is the mystery still to be resolved????

  • Dale Adams

    Keith contacted bottle collector, Richard L, seeking confirmation in reference to this neck label belonging with the Bruttons Mitchell Toms Ltd and David Roberts & Sons Ltd 1953 Coronation labels Richard has indicated that he has seen examples of both bottles and although they both have a special ‘foil’, neither has a neck label!

    This mystery is getting deeper and deeper! It is confusing the experts!

    In light of these recent bits of info, I can clearly state that this mystery is not solved and the culprit brewery is still to be identified!

    Further, I am still confused by the code, ‘CN1’ on this label! I have looked at every one of the now over one hundred 1953 Coronations in our Gallery and the only ones that I can find that have any sort of printers codes are the Bruttons Mitchell Toms Ltd and David Roberts & Sons Ltd 1953 Coronation labels! My thinking is that if the neck strap has a code wouldn’t the main label also have a corresponding code????

    I am looking forward to our upcoming LOTY meeting as I am going to be quizzing everyone in sight about this Mystery Label!

  • Dale Adams

    Ok, so I’m going to propose a theory:
    What if BOTH this mystery neck strap AND the neck label supplied by Keith Osborn were used during 1953 by Warwicks and Richardsons Ltd on there bottles????????
    Could be they used the different styles on different beers.
    The reason I am proposing this theory? The labels are of very similar design and do not seem to match up with the style of any other coronation labels that I am familiar with.
    What do all you EXPERTS out there THINK???

  • Chris Pearce

    Re the neck strap CN1 probably stands for Coronation Neck 1, I have a neck strap with a virtually identical design, but a different shape, for Guinness bottled by Richardson Bros Ltd of Normanby.., marked CN5

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Chris
    Check out the 1953 Coronation Gallery as there is a neck strap posted there as a Warwick & Richardson’s that has the ‘CN5’ designation. As you will see from the comments from this Mystery Label, that on has been confirm by Keith Osborn and Richard Lilley as having been used by W&R with their normal labels during 1953. It is very interesting to note that it was also used by Richardson Bros Ltd, Normanby. I have no knowledge of them. Were they brewers or bottlers? Also how have you been able to attribute the use of the neck strap to them?

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