Our Website’s 1st Birthday

As our first anniversary (in this incarnation anyway) approaches rapidly and as we have passed the 130K views of the site. How about a sweepstake on how many views our site will have had at 12 noon on 12th June.

Just post your guesstimate as a reply to this post and we will in due course publicise the insightful ones name. If anyone would care to donate an incentive (prize) then please contact our Webmaster via the Contact Us page.

Thank you to all of our members who have contributed to the site so far and we hope to see many new contributors in our second year. As for all of you have have visited us here, our sincere thanks and please keep up to date by coming back frequently.

Cheers everyone!


  • Peter D

    142129 which is the square of 377. And of course, 377 is the product of 29 and 13, both of which are prime numbers. Bound to win.

  • Pete S

    Mathematically possible, of course. However I prefer 139,129. The result of the current total x the ratio of the weeks to achieve this and the number of weeks in our first year. Adjusted by the fudge factor to provide my suggestion of, the square of 373. Not sure it will even be close, but makes for a half decent post.

  • Pete S

    Seriously though, I reckon it will be somewhere north of 150K

  • Albert E

    All week since I read your blog on the number of visitors in one year, this number has just kept popping into my head. So I am submitting 141592. Where has that come from?

  • Pythagoras

    There is a mistake in the logic of the first response to this question. The digits have been misaligned. It should read 129 x 3 and not 29 x 13.
    This new analysis gives 149769 because it is the square of 387 which is the product of 129 and 3.

  • PeteS

    Oh well with a fortnight to go, my original guesstimate is just about to go down the proverbial. So here is my second choice, no maths this time, just a wild guess of 153,295.

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