Railways #3 – Mainline

We apologise for the late running of this post, this was due to the unscheduled arrival of a German castle & a large ferret. (Yes really, read some replies & all will become clear).

So having left the GWR behind for a while, our offering today is Taylor Walkers Mainline label, shown below.

Main Line #3

Now I suspect that this shows a mainline (obviously) train out of either Kings Cross or Liverpool Street in the early 1950s. The livery of the coaches could be either carmine and white (nicknamed Plum and Spilt Milk) that was trialed before Crimson Lake and Cream livery (nicknamed Blood and Custard) was adopted across the network. Of course if you know differently, then please let us know. An excellent history of Taylor Walker appears here on Martyn Cornell’s Zythophile blog.

Anyway for reasons that will become clear, I am for moment, going to assume our Mainline train is out of Liverpool Street


  • Fascinated by beer labels

    I think you are right Pete.
    First. Taylor Walker’s brewery was in Limehouse, the closest mainline London terminus was Liverpool Street.
    Second. Stratford was not far away.
    Third. The engine looks a bit like a Britannia class loco.
    Fourth. Britannia locos were used extensively out of Liverpool Street on services to East Anglia.
    Fifth. Stratford engine shed was home to a large number of Britannia classes.

  • PeteS

    Well thank you FbBL, I thought someone might just have an idea on the question. I also think it looks similar to Britannia class, so that underpins my idea for today’s offering (I hope)

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