April 2021

From 17 April 2021 Asterisked breweries are new to bottling

Abyss Brewing: Neon Velo; Hazy Juicy IPA (cans)

Alcohol-Free Brewing Co. (Unltd): IPA

Alfred’s Brewery: Winchester Pale Ale

Ampersand Brew Co: Las Pinas (Can, Collab. with Boutilliers)

*Anthology Brewing: Cold Brew Breakfast Stout (Echelon Coffee Roasters); New England Session Pale (brewed by Kirkstall Brewery)

*Armagh Brewing Co: Pale Ale; Lager; Session IPA

Artefact Brewing: English Pale

BAD Brewing & Distilling: Cans – Off-Temp; For ASDA – American IPA; Denver Milk Stout

Ballykilcavan Brewery (Eire): Line Blocker; Bambrick’s Brown Ale; Secret Passion

*Bat Country Brew Co: Walla Walla West Coast IPA (brewed at Only With Love, Uckfield)

Battledown Brewery: Four Kings

Baynams Brewery: Storm

Beavertown Brewery (Tempus Project): Rule of Three; The High Priestess

Beer Brothers: Cans – Squeeze the Day; Don’t Tap It; Light Bulb Movement; Please Sign on the Dotted Line; El Dorado; 404 Artwork Not Found; Cenosillicaphobia; Raspberry Beeret; Badged as Zebra Brewing – for Bentleys Bargain Warehouse – Mango Pale Ale; New England Pale Ale

Beerblefish Brewing: Hoppy Little Fish

Bespoke Brewing: Beware the Bear; Over a Barrel; Money for Old Rope; Santas Little Helper

*Biochemist Brewery: Brown Ale; Witbier; Amber Ale; Hefeweizen; Grapefruit Ale

Bishop Nick Brewery: Bishop Ale; Witch Hunt Porter

Black Iris Brewery: Nagaru UgiNui

Black Lodge Brewery: I Know Karate, Voodoo Too; Combine Our Minds (cans)

Boden Brewery: Lutea

*Boozy Bob’s Brewery & Crafty 1 Taproom: Centsational Single Hop IPA; Klein Gould Imperial Table Beer; The Pale; Dr. Rudi Can’t Fail Golden Ale (2 versions); Estate Lager; Honey Monster; Thierry; Brit Haze; Demersal Kreik Porter; Lichtenhainer; Horsute Knuckles; BFS 1885; Christmas Stout 2020

Boundary Co-op Brewery (Ulster): Gift Imperial Stout; Your’e Not Getting Any

Bowtie Brewers: Citra & Mosaic Amber Ale; Olicana & Jester Pale Ale; Strawberry & Cream Wheat Beer; Old London Porter; English IPA; Red Rouge; Cashmere Single Hopped Pale

*Brew 61: Grazing Girls; Spring Meadow; Hop On; Greenfields Gold

*Bridgetown Brewery: West Country IPA; Albert Ale; Shark Island Stout

Bru Brewing (Eire): King Nelson; Panda Nero (cans)

Buckland Brewers: Bok Bier (wraparound); Tip the Wink Porter (Collab. with Crafty Beer Shop)

Burnt Mill Brewery: Double Strata; Fog; The Pieces Fit; High Hopes (cans)

Busters Brewery: Stormbreaker

Buxton Brewery: Rain Shadow; King Slayer

Calvors Brewery: Diversion IPA (can)

Cerne Abbas Brewery: Responsibly

Chapter Brewing: Out of Pique (can)

Cheddar Brewery: Hardrock; Seismic Shift; Frozen Deep; Piney Sleight; Wild Thing; Festive Totty

*Chester Beer Co: Cans Northgate Bitter; Eastgate Special; Bottles – Newgate Blonde; Northgate Bitter; Watergate Porter; Eastgate Special

Chevin Brew Co: Made of Stone (5 variations); Faith in the City (5 variations); Please Please Please

Chiltern Brewery: Imperial Stout Export Original 2020 Vintage

Cloak & Dagger Brewing (Worthing): Electric Mayhem; Prey to the Deity; Routes to Pluto (cans)

Cloudwater Brew Co: TIPA (5 Years of Brewing 2020) (can)

*Crooked Brewing: Distant Sound of Thunder; Liquid Boogie; Kendo (cans)

*Crossover Blending: The Count; Skimming Stone

Dead Centre Brewing (Eire): Superjuice Limited Edition

De Vossen Brewery: Oranje Wit

Deya Brewing: Sunshine IPA (can)

Docks Beers: Mango Verboard; Atomic Sunset

*Dogs Grandad Brewery: Session IPA; IPA; Pale Ale (cans)

Dolphin Brewery: Trickster

*Don Valley Brewery: Atomic Blonde; Brown Sugar Tiramasu Porter; 5 Litre containers – Zest For Life; Teenage Dirtbag; Kraft T’Werk; Black Star Stout; Cans – Black Star Stout; Kraft T’Werk;  Zest For Life; Teenage Dirtbag; D Brown Sugar Tiramasu Porter

Dorking Brewery: Red India; Five Claw (cans)

Dorset Piddle Brewery: Lyme Lager; Lyme Blonde (for Ammonite Fine Foods)

Double Barrelled Brewery: Roger & Marcello (Collab. with Anonymous Coffees); Exit – Pursued by a Bear Co.

Downstream & Boyne Brewery (Eire): Babel; Token

Draycott Brewery (Cambs): The Deli Dunster Dark Porter

Driftwood Spars Brewery: Seaberry (Cove Series)

Dynamite Valley Brewery: Splann; Gold Rush (wrappers)

Eight Degrees Brewing (Eire): The Blackroad Campfire Porter

Elusive Brewing: Sequence (Collab. with Dolphin Brewery)

Fairy Glen Brewery: Frankenmutt Really Ugly Beer; Hair of the Dog IPA (cans)

Firebird Brewing: Bohemia Lager; Mojave; Coffee Porter; Pacific Gem; Festive 51; Vice; Heritage; Old Ale; Two Horses

Firebrand Brewing: Thundercload; Patchwork Roxcket; Orange & Cocoa (for Beers of Europe); Coffee Stout (cans)

Flowerpots Brewery: Buster Bitter; IPA

Fox Brewery: Red Ensign; Norfolk Strongarm

*Fox One Brewing: Speakeasy Cwmbran; Ballistic Banzal Charge

*The Fresh Standard: Solution Common Pale Ale; Export India Porter; Pothering IPA

Galway Hooker Brewery (Eire): Cherry Chocolate Stout

*Gilbert White’s Brewery: Gilbert White Bitter; Gilbert’s Chocolate Stout; Gilbert’s 1765; Hop Monster; Capt. Lawrence Oates IPA; Bostal; New Bostal; Suillivan Black Porter; Gilbert’s Rockwater Lager; Gilbert’s Weissbier Lager; Zig Zag Ale; Beyond the Pale

Gilt & Flint: Organic Pale Ale; Organic NEIPA; Organic Lager

*Glasshouse Brew Co: Reams Pale; See in Soft Focus

The Godstone Brewers: Buzzzzz..; Not So Black & White; Bitter Entropy; Trwenchman’s Hop; Rusty’s; Tunnel Vision; Polly’s Potion; Small Batch; Santa’s Tipple  Bottle and cans (small and large labels) – Pond Tail; Forever;  Blumenfarm Lagerbier; Up Up and Away;

*Good Karma Brew Co: Culture Shock (Low-alcohol, brewed at Rock Leopard Brewing}

Goodh Brewing: Tipit Wicket; Kennall; Afterloaf; Fram Booze

Great Newsome Brewery: Frothingham Best

Gyle 59: Pushing 10 (Collab. with The Brew Shack)

*Hadham Brewery: First; Ciara; Gold; Oddy

*Hartlebury Brewing Co: Off the Rails; Hartlebury Hooker; Rambo Mango; APA; Crusader Bitter (5 litre)

Harveys Brewery: Easter Ale

Hawkshead Brewery: Red Brodie’s Prime Porter

Heaney Farmhouse Brewery (Ulster): Way Over Yonder

Hermitage Brewery: Summer Love

Holy Goat Brewery: Crimson Queen; Goat Wizard

Hope Beer (Howth, Eire): Handsome Jack; Double IPA Limited Edition

Hopfuzz Brewery: Cans – Boston Town; Blacksmith; Bullion; Malllout; Martello; Boomers; Sourdough Session Pale Ale (Collab. with Docker)

Hopshackle Brewery: Shamuzzle; Shacklers Best; Sumo

*Hopper House Farm Brewery: Old Red Eyes; Pasture Bedtime; Me and the Farmer Blonde Ale; Me and the Farmer Hazy IPA; Hoppy Hour; Gudders Gold; Everyday is like a Sunday

*Horbury Brew Co: Cans – White Hawk; Toffee Oatmeal Stout

Humpty Dumpty Brewery: 22 Crows Stout

*Ingol Village Brewing Co: Cans – Everglow; Are You Local?; Cosmos; Afterglow; Lock Up the Wardrobes

Jawbone Brewery: Boatyard Blues

Kinnegar Brewery (Eire): Flying Saucer (can)

*Laine Brewing: Cans – Word Lager; Source Pale Ale; Ripper Session IPA; Revelator IPA; Quiet One Table Beer; Fader Juicy IPA

*Lakedown Brewing Co: Pale Ale; Pilsner; NEIPA (Cans)

Larkins Brewery (Eire): Morrigni (can)

Left Hand Giant Brewery: Solitude; Varying Degrees; Dream House (cans)

Lineman Brewery (Eire): Amplify; Gigantic (cans)

*Littleover Brewery: Fighting Gravity;Loop; The Panther; King George’s Bitter; 10pm Curlew; Epiphany Pale Ale; Wild Cat

Liquid Light Brewery: Mother North (can)

Lock 81 Brewery: Session IPA

Lost & Grounded Brewery: Lianna Go to the Sun; Running with Spectres (cans)

*Low Key Barrel Project (brewed at Boutilliers): Jormungandr

Madrigal Brewery: Burning House; Lundy Single Hop Pale; Lost & Found

Makemake Brewery: Humbled By the Void (can)

Many Hands Brew: Rye’d On; Jester’s Dead; Wing Fingers

Magic Rock Brewing: Cannonball

*Marlowe Beer Project: Pissenlet Dandelion Saison; This Is Just To Say Plum Saison; Lamentable Comedy Quince Saison

Mauldon’s Brewery: Scrooge’s Revenge

Mothership Beer: Text Me When Ur Home (can)

Neepsend Brew Co: Blackberry Porter (can)

Neon Raptor Brewery: Cans -Night Drive Radid; Bigfoot Export; Total Eclipse; Banana Clipper; Naughty Luggage

New Bristol Brewery: Wonderland; The Boogie Below; Cinder Toffee Stout

O’Brother Brewing (Eire): The Dreamcatcher; “Thoughtforms” A Bit of A Barrel Birthday Stout; The Nightcrawler Milk Stout; Metamorphosis (cans)

*Oxford Brewery (formerly Shotover): Trinity; Porter; Prospect; Matilda’s Tears;m Scholar; Cans – Matilda’s Tears; Hoptric

Panther Brewery: Decade; Festive Best Bitter; Red Best Bitter

Papworth Brewery: Robin Goodfellow; Old Riverport Stout

Peak Ales: Cebula (can)

Pentrich Brewery: Sonic Reducer (can)

Philsters Brewery: Oxford Red; Sirius (limited edition)

Phipps: Stingo 6 Year Aged (Limited Edition)

*Pictish Brewing Co: Blue Moon (can)

Pipeliner Brewing: Push the Button; Synapse Supernova; Mosaic Mahout; Chasing Sunsets  (cans)

Pinkers Craft Beers: Pink IPA

Polly’s Brew Co: Triple India Pale Ale; India Pale Ale (Pines); In dia Pale Ale (Dry Hope); India Pale Ale with Guava (cans)

Porterhouse Brew Co (Eire): Stay at Home

Purity Brewing Co: Session IPA (can)

Quantock Brewery: Milky Way; Dark Abyss; In Search of Haze (cans)

Redwillow Brewery: Ruby Mild (can)

Ridgeway Brewery: Blackelf (Xmas); Paleface (for Ricardo’s); Russian Red Ale 2017

Round Corner Brewery: Jangles & Togs (can); Gunmetal Black Lager

*Running Man Brewery: Can’t Beat the System; What Evil Lurks; Go with the Flow

Rye River Brewery: The Dropper Neomexicanus

*Ryedale Brewing Co: Bitter; Gold; Ryedale Rambler; Pale; Stout

St. Peters Brewery: Farmer’s Flagon (NFU 50 years); India Pale Ale

*Salt Steel Brewing Co: Strip Tees IPA (can)

Sharps Brewery: Coconut Stout

Siren Craft Brewery: Castilion Lemon & Honey Cheesecake; Bearquake Hard Por Broken Drum

Southsea Brewery: The Right to Bear Arms (Collab. with Electric Bear)

Southey Brewing: Lazy Jesus; Monke4y Grip; Paths You Won’t Take; Sephia (cans)

Spitting Feathers Brewery: Brainstorm

Staggeringly Good Brewery: Cocoa Docus

Station 119 Brewery: Imperial Stout

Steam Town Brewery: Cans – Salus Populi; Disco Fluff; Orange County; Steam Stout

*Steelfish Brwewing: Best Bitter Azacca

*Stone Cold Brewery: Blonde 0.9%

*Stormtrooper Beer: Space Hopera; Shadow Stout (cans – brwed at Vocation Brewery)

*Strata Brewing: Strike; Primis; Vaalbara; Drumlin; Drumlin (Maple Edition); Esker; Thalweg; Fieldwork; Fram; Tutoko

Stinky Bay Brewery: Beached Whale; Shipwrecked

Stroud Brewery: Hop Drop Organic Pale Ale; LOL (Light Organic Lager)

Sunbeam Ales: Foggy Morning

Joshua Tetley: No. 4 Lager

*Thames Side Brewery: White Swan; Wryneck Rye; Black Swan; Egyptian Goose; Cormorant Stout; Heron Ale

Thornbridge Brewery: Kasperia; Shelby (by order of the Shelby Company)

Three Blind Mice Brewery: Amarillo BBC & Mosaic (can)

*Three Hills Brewery, The Outcast, Bermondsey: Gordon Bennett Imperial Stout; Big Noise Witbier

Three Hills Brewery, Northants: The Dimension of Space; Living Reflection of a Dream; Yuzu Forbidden Fruit; In Pursuit No 06 NEIPA; In Pursuit No 8 NEIPA; Of Juice No 07 DIPA; Odf Juice No 08 DIPA; Wee Heavy; Triple IPA; Triple IPA (Collab. with Blackened Sun and The Beer Garage)

Tring Brewery: Shonkers Beech Smoked Pale

Turpins Brewery (Cambridge): Beatnik’s Beliefs (can)

Unity Brewing: Hugit Out; Collision; May Provisions – EIPA; Saison; Farmhouse Witbier

Verdant Brewery: Fiddle with the Focus; Combined Whimsy; Seldom Often; Blended Blur; Further

Vibrant Forest Brewery: Cambrian Root; Black Forest Porter

West Berkshire Brewery: Snake Oil (can)

Whiplash Brewery (Eire): Scaldy Porter; Bone Machine; Honest Promise (Collab. with Honest Brew)

White Hag Brewing (Eire): Black Boar Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Wild Beer: Mixed Fermentation (can)

Wild Weather Brewery: Full of Beans Export

Windsor & Eton Brewery: Dukes Ale (Commemorative in honour of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh)

Workshy Brewery: Disco Paradiso (can)

*Wreck Creation Brewing: Midships; Y Knot

*Xtreme Ales: OatiX; GalaXy; Pigeon Ale 20; PiXie; SmoXey Mild; Xporter; Winter Xporter; Triple Hop; Red FoX; SaXquatch; XSB; For Carriages Diner – The Scotsman Beer; Golden Arrow Beer

York Brewery: Guzzler (brewed by Camerons)

Zoo Brew: Imperial Chocolate Raisin

360 Degrees Brewing: Berry Sour (can)

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