June 2019

Standard Beers 

The 3 Brewers of St. Albans IPA
71 Brewing Breakfast Toast (can)
Aldwark Artisan Ales Baabarian Gold
All Day Brewing Cascadian Dark Lager
Amwell Springs Brewery Easy Geez
Ampersand Brewing Snookum, Bidon, Basil Blush
Anchor House Brewery « Pale Ale
Appleby Brewery (now brewed at Bowness Bay) Hawes Water
Arkells Brewery New set – Moonlight, Wiltshire Gold, Kingsdown Ale, Hoperation IPA
Ascot Brewing Gold Cup
Avalanche Brew Co « One for All, In the Beginning
Barsham Brewery Knot Just Another IPA
Bath Brew House Carpe Noctem V3
Batemans XXXB (rectangular)
Battersea Brewery « Unfiltered Lager, House Beer, Session Pale, India Pale Ale
Bedlam Brewery Turtle Recall, Wilde East Coast Pale Ale, Brou Haka
Beerblefish Brewery 1881 Oak Aged, Pan Galactic Pale
Beer Ink Two Faced Double IPA, Hit the Road Pumpkin Beer
The Belgian Brewer « Dubbel, Wheat, Raspberry, Tripel
Big Drop Brewery Lager, Sour, Brown Ale, Winter Ale (all with Ipswich address)
Blunt Chisel Brewery Phoenix Pale, Woodsmoke, Selma IPA, Ginger Honey Rye, Vice Wheat
Boot Town Brewery Sundance, Strawberry Shake (cans)
Boot Beer « ESB, Bitter
Boundary Brewing Co-op Cans – Imbongirific, American Pale Ale, Export Stout, Imbongo, Push & Pull, Bottles – Means to an End, Joy of Missing Out, Sour Bake
Bowness Bay Brewing Swan Blonde (now front & back), Swan Black, Ziska Pilsner, Swift Best 
Blonde Brothers « Lager, Pale Ale
Box Steam Brewery Soul Train
Brakspears Oxford Gold (yet another redesign)
Brewhouse & Kitchen « (Southsea) Crowler (generic can label)
Brewsmith Brewery Brewsmith Gold
Brown Street Brewing « Imperial Baltic Porter, Mango Milkshake India Pale Ale, Belgian Wheat Beer, Lemon & Black Pepper Saison, Adrian’s Cascade Pale Ale
Bumbling Brewery « Extra Pale Ale, Stuck on Mosaic, Lemon Bomb
Burnt Mill Brewery Rosetta Cone, Galaxy Fog
Busters Brewery « Live Long & Prosper, Memphis Belle
Calverleys Brewery « Pale Ale, Coelsch, Stout, IPA
Cambridge Brew House Brewhouse IPA, Pale Ale
Castle Rock Brewery Harvest Pale (rect), Elsie Mo (rect – changed)
Charnwood Brewery APA, Blue Fox
Cheddar Brewery Totty Pot (labels now partly transparent)
Church End Brewery Silver Jubilee (25 Years of Brewery)
Cipher Brew « Mindful (low alcohol – brewed at Hambleton Ales)
Cloudwater Brew Co Number of the Yeast
Clun Brewery Solar
Crate Brewery Lager
Cullach Brewing Pale Ale #1, Impy Stout #1, DIPA #2, Tayside IPA
Curious Brewing « Lager, IPA (red lettering), IPA (bronze lettering)
Dark Revolution Brewery So.LA, Velveteen
Darkland Brewery « Wolfenbrua, Blackcurrant Drakkar, Jera, Niflheim
Dartford Wobbler Brewery (Millis) Dartford Wobbler
Dartmoor Brewery labels now front/back – Dartmoor IPA, Legend Ale, Jail Ale
Davenports « Dares 2nd Term, Dares Nitro 535 (cans)
Dead Centre Brewing « (Eire) Marooned, Seeking Sunshine
The Devil’s Pleasure « Breakfast Juice IPA, West Coast IPA, Hellishly Hoppy IPA
Dovedale Brewing Co « Echo Beach, Pale, Blonde, Stout
Drop Bear Beer Co « Yuzu Pale Ale, Tropical IPS (Low alcohol beers)
Drone Valley Brewery Candleriggs Strong Muild 1909, Amaraillo, Imperial Russian Stout
Drynks Unlimited « Smashed Hops Soft Beer
Exmoor Ales XPA
Fairy Glen Brewery « No. 1 Bullie Beer, Hound Dog (cans)
Farr Brew  Black Listed IPA
Fengate Brewery « Three Threads Smoked Porter, Nightjar Stout, Sun Stone Pale Ale, John Barleycorn Bitter, Jamadhar IPA, Mermaid Witbier
Flowerhorn Brewing « (Brewed at Cocksure, Bristol) Pharmaceutical Stimulant Coffee Milk Stout, Capo Hazy Pale Ale, Mango Lactose IPA
Fourpure Brewing Co Shape Shifter, Snowblind, Deucebox (all cans)
Fox Brewery Norfolk Nectar (windmill on picture), Samphire Stout
Frank & Otis Brewing « Time Flies (brewed at Hanlons Brewery, Devon)
Gander Brewing Co « New England IPA, New England IPA #28, English Special Bitter, American Pale Ale (wrappers)
Gilt & Flint « Pale Ale, East Coast IPA
Grafham Brewing « Hodders Panama, Shooters Hollow
Green Times Brewing « High Flyer IPA (with cannabis oil extract!)
Gritchie Brewing Co Angel’s Lore
Gorgeous Brewery (Highgate) Gatsby Brut IPA
Gyle 59 Brewery Take it Easy
Handyman Brewery Pale 02, Sour 03, Bitter 04, Porter Coffee & Cardamom 06A, Neipa 09, Quad 10, Black IPA 13
Hattie Brown’s Brewery Agglestone, Dog on a Roof
Hawkshead Brewery Windermere Pale
Heaney’s Farmhouse Brewing (Eire) Irish Stout
Hickbrew « White Peak, Dark Peak, Ranger, Hay Meadow, Longnor Lager, Moorland, Well Dressing, Dark Skies
Highland Brewing Co « (Swannay Brewery) Orkney Stout, St. Magus ESB, Imperial Stout, Orkney IPA, Dark Munro, Orkney Porter
Hilden Brewing Swift & Bold
Hillstown Brewery (Ulster) Horny Bull Stout, Goats Butt Wheat Beer, Drunken Donkey Lager, Spitting Llama Triple
Hitchin Brewery « Brews N’ Twos, Youth Illusion, Arthur Stout, Ale Systole +, Rye IPA, Citra P’Ale
Hooded Ram Brewery Fat Ram Colonial Not So Pale Ale
Humber Doucy Brewing « Pale Ale, King Slayer
Innis & Gunn Gunpowder IPA
Isle of Skye Brewery Blaven, Tarasgeir
Jacobite Brewery « Beilgeach 1, Black Bullet
Jeffersons Brewery Freshie
Jennings Brewery Red Breast (new design), Vantage 82
Jesus College Brewery « Audit Ale
Kinnegar Farmhouse Beers (Eire) Bucket & Spade, Yannaroddy, Crossroads (cans)
King’s Clipstone Brewery Royal Stag Stout, Knight Porter, Choc-e-Blue Mild, Palace Pale Ale, Tabaknakas, Squires Desire
Korruptd Brewing Hoppin’ Heinrich, Summat O’wd, Summat Nu
Lab Culture Brewery « Gregor Mendale
Lab Rat Brewery « Meteor
Larkin’s Brewing Co. (Eire) IPA (can)
Liberation Brewery Go Wild
Lincoln Green Brewery Blackshale Rattlejack, Blackshale Back Ripper (cans)
Lineman Brewery « (Eire) Grisette
Little Dewchurch Brewery « Best Bitter, Refreshing Golden Ale
Little Goat Brewery « Jumpin’ Jack, Scapegoat, Golden Goat
Liverpool Brewing Co « (successor to Liverpool Organic) 24 Carat Gold
Loom Shed Hebridean Brewery « Iasgair, Crofter
Loud Shirt Brewery Vertigo, Psychedelic
Love Lane Beer Pale Ale
McCrackens Real Ale « (Ulster) Gold, Red, IPA
McMullens Rivertown IPA, Rivertown Pilsner, Pale Ale, SIPA
Magic Dragon Brewery « Eyton Bitter
Makemake Beers Rocket Fuel Marshmallow and Coconut Stout
Manual Brewing Co Singing & Dancing (can)
Malt the Brewery Winter
Malton Brewery Yorkshire Pale Ale, Heritage Bitter, Yorkshire Country Ale
Many Hands Brew « The Tribe, Herd, Monkey Buffet
Marstons (Eagle Brewery, Bedford) Banana Bread Beer (UK & US versions) old design, Sticky Toffee Pudding (US old design), Bombardier Glorious English, Courage Light Ale (small oval), Bombardier Premium British Ale, Bombardier Golden Ale, New designs with Eagle Brewery prevalent – Banana Bread Beer (UK & 2 US versions) new design, Waggle Dance, Sticky Toffee Pudding
Marstons Wainwright The Golden Beer, Honest Craft Brewing Amber Ale
Masquerade Brewing « Touchstone, Virtuoso (cans)
Meantime Brewery London IPA, Yakima Red Ale, London Lager (all circular)3
Metalman Brewing « (Eire) Calypso, Ironmonger (both cans)
Mile Tree Brewery Old Parliamentarian, Ely’s Eel Brew, Toppled Crown
Moncada Brewery Impy Custard
Moot Oak Brewing Co « Dark Lane Stout, Matlock Blonde, Giddy Edge IPA
Mutineers Beer « Radio Fresh, Sorachi Kidd, Fili Buster
New Invention Brewery« Half the World Away, Aurora Pale Ale, Liquid Silk, Infinity + 1
Nirvana Brewery Mantra Pale Ale (front & back labels)
No Heroes Brewery « Octocan (can label)
Norfolk Brewhouse (Moongazer) Pintail, White Face, Stubblestag, Nibbler, Dewhopper, Jumper, Jigfoot, Jackalope
Norn Iron Brew Co. (Ulster) Mountain Rye, Temple Imperial Porter, Botanic Traditional IPA, Shipyard Belgian Triple, Stormont New England IPA, Peace Bridge Brut IPA
Nothing Bound Brewing Co « Favour the Bold (can sticker)
Old Kent Road Brewery Wayward Parakeet (can)
Old Mill Brewing Co. « (Eire) Wool Store, Seven Thirty, Red Brick, Finnadork, Blackrepentance, Labbado, Kiltoal
Old Moll Spring Brewing Co « Silk Blonde, Silk IPA
One Degree East Brewing « Crux IPA, Top Tonka Porter, Joe Coffee Milk Stout, 50/50 Pale Ale, Ox Russian Imperial Stout (now closed)
Park Brewery (Kingston-upon-Thames) Killcat Pale Ale (can)
Pastore Brewing & Blending « Playa de Agua, Strawberry Waterbeach Weisse
Peak Ales Black Stag Stout
Perivale Brewery Elder Flower Sour, Blackberry Sour
Pipeline Brewing Co Gert Lush, Apres Surf
Isaac Poad Brewing « No. 91 Craft Pale, A Knight’s Ale
Polly’s Brew Co. « (successor to Loka Polly) Citra Simcoe Small IPA
Purple Moose Brewery Calon Lân
Radio City Beer Works « Prologue (can)
Railmill Brewing Co « Off the Rails, Furnace IPA, Monster Rail, The 1847, Railmill Ale
Raven Hill Brewery Elevation, Summit
Redchurch Brewery Urban Farm House series – Alvinne Collab. V2
Romney Marsh Brewery Marsh Mellow
Round Corner Brewing « Shopping Spree (can)
Rough Bros. Brewing « (Ulster) India Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Northern Pale Ale, Irish Red Ale
Sadlers (Windsor Castle Brewery) 1861 White Beer, Peaky Blinders Craft Lager
St. Brides Brewery « IPA, Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout
Seven Sisters Brewery Trust Me Lager, Small Beer, Citrus Session (different design), DOH IPA
Severn Valley Ales « Cartway Gold, Old Ale, SVA
Shadow Brewing « Ghost, Spectre (both cans)
Shaws of Grange Brewing « Hampsfell Golden Ale, Bay Walker Old Ale, Old Pool Pilsner, Clock Tower Blonde Ale
Signal Beer « The Lager, Mozemiso Lager
Signature Brew Slow Brew
Silver Rocket Brewing « (brewed at Heathen Brewers) Spring Loaded, Launch Pad IPA
Southbrew Co « Kiss the Sun, Weekender (cans)
Spilsbury & Jones « Tom Jones Lager
Spotlight Brewing One More
Star Wing Brewery Red at Night, Dawn on the Border
Steam Town Brew « Stoke
Steel Brew Co « Trading Post, Breakwater, Mantra
Three Fiends Brewery Misfit, Bukowski
Three Hills Brewery 50 degrees 46’38.7” N, 4 degrees 53’13.4” E, 50.1039 degrees  N. 11.4448 degrees E, The Woodford Experiment Best Bitter (all cans)
Time & Tide Brewing Kiss Me Quick, Lighthouse, Depth Charge, Wanderlust Pilsner (all cans)
Toast Ale Craft Lager, American Pale Ale, Session IPA, Pale Ale (brewed at Wold Top Brewery)
Tring Brewery White IPA, India Stout, Earl Grey Pale (all Small Batch)
Two Drifters Brewery « Gold, Windmill, Storm (cans)
Stinky Bay Brewing Co IPA
Tantum Brewing « Early Doors Navigation
Timothy Taylor Ram Tam
Joshua Tetley & Son No. 3 Pale Ale, Golden Ale (Northampton address but unsure where brewed)
Titanic Brewery Plum Porter (modified design)
Tring Brewery changed designs for – Ridgeway Bitter, Drop Bar, Side Pocket for a Toad, Colley’s Dog
Tudor Brewery Green Grass of Home (with cannabis oil!!)
Ubrew Indigo Hands
Vault City Brewing Strawberry Skies
Vocation Brewery Bread & Butter (can)
Wadworths Game of Stones
Ward & Houldsworth « (Originally Infused) Fudge Cupcake Bitter, Strawberry Pale Ale, Vanilla & Walnut Dark Ale) (Beers brewed at Pheasantry Brewery
Watneys Beers Sarcasm Citrus Pale Ale
Weird Sisters Brewery « Slaphead IPA, Dark Morris Old Ale, Barton Bottom Pale Ale
Charles Wells (brewed by Marstons) Triple Hop IPA, Dry Hop Lager
Westerham Brewery Helles Belles (circular), Codswallop
Wimbledon Brewery Wimbledon Pale, Wimbledon Lager, Wimbledon IPA
Weobley Brewing Co « Black & White Mocha Stout, Goldfinger Golden Ale, Mr Magpie’s Bitter, Mr Magpie’s Stout
West Coast Rock Brewery « Blackpool Blonde, Wonky Donkey, 125 Years of Blackpool Tower
Whiplash Brewery (Eire) Love is Lost
White Horse Brewery IPA, Village Idiot
Wide Street Brewing Co. « (Eire) Brett Saison, Brett Pale Ale, Brett Grisette
Windsor & Eton Brewery Capital Lager (can)
Wold Top Brewery Wold Top Bitter (circular)
Woodfordes Brewery Norada Pale Ale (different design), West Coast Wherry, Conquest Lager
Work Shy Brewery Miami Spice, FTSQ, Junkyard Supernova
Yubberton Brewing Co « Yubby, Yawnie, Goldie (all brewed at Stroud Brewery)

Commemorative & Special Beers 

֯71 Brewing Making Herstory (collab. with Beers without Beards and Two Towns Down Brewing for Women in Beer Festival 2019)
Ampersand Brewing Oxy Sal Sus (collaboration with Two Stretch Brewing), Voyage II (collaboration with Two Stretch Brewing), Ambit (collab. with Lacons)
Appleby Brewery (now brewed at Bowness Bay) Vanyua Yam (Eden Mencap Project)
Arkells Brewery Sir Noel Christmas Ale
Beavertown Brewery Far From the Tree, Pride (Collab. with Hale Brewing)
Beer Ink Legion (brewed for Royal British Legion and Mayor of Kirklees)
Billy Ruffians Brewing « Free Beer (Atlantic Project Version 6.1 EPA, Version 6.2 IPA, Version 6.3 Porter)
Black Sheep Brewery My Generation Pale Ale
Bollington Brewery Gyle 1000
Boundary Brewing Co-op Spudrupel (collab. with Siphon Brewing)
Brains Welsh Golden Ale (for Marks & Spencer)
Brinkburn Street Brewery Ragnar Lothbrok (collaboration with Marlish), 2018 Brut I:PA (collaboration with Marlish)
Carnival Brewery « Smithdown Pilsner (for Smithdown Social Club)
Chadlington Brewery St. Anne’s College Beaver Beer, St. John’s College St.John’s Ale, Sir Andrew Spillnot (for Nuffield College), H C DTB (Hertford College
Crate Brewery Sticky Toffee Stout Limited edition
Farm Yard Ales TVO 54 Blonde Ale
Farr Brew St. Albans Pale Ale (St Albans Museum)
Franklins Brewery Pil Head (for Pizza Face)
Heist Brew Co « Hips Don’t Lychee (Collab.with Ridgeside), Something, Something Dark Side (Collab. with Emperor’s Brewery), Forged in Steel (Sheffiield United FC – brewed at 71 Brewing, Dundee)
Hook Norton Brewery 170 Years, 170 Gold, XX Ale (collab. brew with Yeastie Boys)
Humber Doucy Brewing « Clare & James Wedding
Loose Cannon Brewery Brew Republic IPA
Marstons Honest Craft Brewing IPA, Shipyard Low Tide Low Alcohol, Shipyard American IPA, Shipyard American Pale Ale, Hatherwood (for Lidll) – Total Legend, The Ginger Grizzly, The Ruby Rooster, Shipwreck Lager, Red Rye Captain Pale Ale, Hop Hunter Session IPA
Monty’s Brewery Best Offa (Offas Dyke National Trail)
New Wharf Brewery Maidenhead Advertiser 150th Anniversary
Nirvana Brewery Buchabeer
Norfolk Brewhouse (Moongazer) Limited editions – Skipper, Triskele, Hiberno, Bouchart
Northern Monk Brew Co Henderson’s Relish Bloody Mary Porter
Panther Brewery Ketts Oak (Collab. with Poppyland Brewery)
Pillars Brewery « Spicebox IPL
Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds) Kome Biru (Japanese Rice Beer – collab. with Yeastie Boys)
F. Robinson Trooper Light Brigade, Trooper Sun & Steel, Trooper Day of the Dead
Rough Bros. Brewing « (Ulster) Me-Kong Street Beer
South Hams Brewery Cloch Porat (limited edition)
Southsea Brewing « DDB D-Day Brown (for D D Museum), Brazilian Breakfast Coffee Milk Stout (Collab. with Hunter Gatherer and Craft House Coffee Roasters), Mother Funk
Three Fiends Brewery  Panic Attack (Bean Bros. Coffee)
Wadworths Tommy Pale Ale (for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity)
Weird Sisters Brewery « Strumpshaw Tree Fair Summer Pale Ale (2018), Strumpshaw Tree Fair Summer Pale Ale (2019), Strumpshaw Tree Fair Summer IPA
Westerham Brewery Nova Anglia (John Keeling), Oktober West Marzen (Melissa Cole), Dragons Shadow (Otto’s Coffee Shop), Fortnum & Mason’s Pilsner, Rude Mechanicals First Audition
Wickwar Wessex Brewing A Royal Affair (for Harry & Megan wedding 2018)
Wide Street Brewing Co. « (Eire) Still Voices Sour (Limited Edition)
Windsor & Eton Brewery For Birds of Arcadia – The Gibson Pale Ale, Laundry Room IPA
Wrong Side of the Tracks Beer « Lew PA, Bernard’s Brown, Big John’s Deptford Strength IPA
XT Brewing Kubota 40 Years
Yorkshire Heart Brewery Valhalla Odin’s Judgement, Valhalla IPA
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