September 2020

NEW ISSUES: Asterisked breweries are new to bottling

8 Sail Brewery: Elf Isolation; Froglet; Bobbin’ Robin; Pilgrim Pale Ale; Mayflower IPA (both commemorating 400 years since sailing); Imperial Porter

Abyss Brewery: Vanilla Ice (can)

Adnams: Kobolo English Lager; Strange Seas (Collab. with Beavertown)

*Ales of Essington (brand name of Morton Brewery): Hobble End Gold; Bursnips IPA; Bognop Ruby; Sneyd House Stout

Alnwick Brewery: Amber Ale

*Alpha Delta Brewing: Karpo (can)

Ampersand Brew Co: Pulpit Pale; Cocow; Camphillsaer; Gybe; Out of the Woods (cans)

Arbor Ales: Café Crème; Zero Zero (cans)

Atom Brewing Co: Schrodinger’s Cat; Framework (cans)

Attic Brew Co: What’s Wrong With Ya?

BAD Co: Off Tempo; Wild Gravity (cans)

*Barker’s Brewing Co. Ltd: Overload; Big Sur; Roger’s Mistake; High on a Hill; Elderflower; Citrus 1; Red Eye; Chilly Bin

Barneys Beer: Extra Pale Ale

*Basement Beer: Cabana Cooler Fruit Tea Pale (for Bird Blend Tea)

Beak Brewery (Lewes): Strangers IPA

Bianca Road Brew Co: Red Rye; Pale Ale; Long Play; American Pale Ale; Tropical IPA; Hard Soda

Bowness Bay Brewing: Raven Red; Swan Black; Fell Walker (wraparounds)

Brack N’ Brew: Boathouse Blonde; Alfred’s Golden Ale; The Steamer Stout

Brass Castle Brewery: Helles Lager; Very Bad Kitty; Mind Sweep; Fruit Lupe – Chinook & Grapefruit Pale; Jack in Irons (all cans)

The Brew Shack: Cans – Bill’s Bitter; Vienna Oat Stout; 8 Grain Porter; Pale Ale

*Brewis Beer Co: DIPA; Pale Ale; Just Like Heaven; Let’s Agree to Disagree; This is the One;Helm; Father Gose; Jazz Club;Mother Coconuts; Unity; Waterfall; Lowest Form of Wit; Ebb & Flow; Building Bridges; Galactic Boogallo; Endeavour; Turning Tides

*Brewpoint (Wells & Co): Cans -On Point; Ink Well; Wit a Minute; Alpha; Hop & Heart; Viennese Charm

 *Briarbank Brewery: Hop to It; Mocha Porter; Imperial Black Horse Stout; Grapefruit IPA; |Briar Cobnut; Perpendicular

Brick Brewery: Blenheim Black

*Bulletproof Brewing: Rise of the Burble Snouts (can)

Bullhouse Brew Co: Stout’s Out! (can)

Burnt Mill Brewery: High Hopes (can)

Burton Bridge Brewery: Sheriff’s Ale 2019

Burwell Brewery: Stefan’s Muhle Weissbier; Burwell Sunshine

*Crwr Camel Brewing (Wales): Pale Ale; Helles Lager

Caps Off Brewing: West Coast IPA (can); Stout (collab. with Hops & Dots)

*Cellar Boys Brewery: Cans – Save the Hart NE Session Pale; Save the Hart #3; NE IPA; NE IPA (Collab with What the Fattoush?

Cheshire Brewhouse: Lindow the Black Lake; Gibraltar Porter (collab. with Rising Tide Brewing, USA)

*Cold Black Label: Nutty Ale

Cromarty Brewing Co: Cascade (can)

Dark Star Brewery: Session IPA; Crème Brulee (cans)

*Devilstone Brewing: Amber Ale; Coffee Cream Ale; Imperial Brown Stout; Hazy Pale Ale Idaho 7; DIPA Eukanot

*De Vossen: Blond; Dubbel; Tripel

Dolphin Brewery: Queen II Coffee Stout

*Dopey Dick Brewing Co (Ulster): Session IPA; Red Ale; Lager

Double Barrelled Brewing: Parka Pale Ale (can)

*E1 Brew Co: Pilsner Lager; IPA

Eagles Crag Brewery: The Black Eagle

Eden River Brewing: Beacon

Electric Bear Brewery: Drifting (can)

Elland Brewery: Elland Blonde

*Feral North Drinks: Northumberland Pilsner

Fierce Brewing: cans – People Like Beans; Barrel Aged Imperial Café Racer; Peach Melba Pale; Split Shift’ Moose Mouse; Café Racer; Very Big Moose; Squrl (collab. withBrewgooder)

*Fightback Brewing: Lager (In support of Music Venues Trust)

Five Points Brewing: Gold Bullion

Fourpure Brewing Co: Peach State

Friendship Adventure: Stowaway; Caper

Full Circle Brew Co: Tango Sierra Eight (can)

Fullers: Wild River (can)

*Furnace Brook Brewery: Alfie’s Amber Ale; Pearly Pale Ale; Furnace Ale

*Future Brew: Dough Dough

 Gander Brew Co: Hole Saw; Ragnar; All Together; Sour Up

Gipsy Hill Brewing: Bandit (can)

Glen Affric Brewery: Black Brose Oatmeal Porter; Winter Warmer Xmas Spice Chocolate Stout

Gloucester Brewery: Imperial Stout

*Gold Bear Brewery: Klondike

*Good Name Brewery: On Opacity; Cherry & Chocolate Cake

Good Things Brewing: Enki; Restoring Balance; Shift Insight; Asshdown; Two Degrees Above; Beyond the Surface (cans)

*Gorilla Brewing: Kong; Vanilla Gorilla; Monkey Magic; Silverback Blonde; Orang-A-Tang

Grafham Brewing Co: Nothing Special; Hare on the Green; Travis Mathew Happy Thoughts

Gritchie Brewing Co: Lore No. 2 Best Bitter; Lore No. 3 Gooseberry Sour

Grounding Angels Brew Co: Mr. Stouty Pants (can)

*Hackney Church Brew Co: Superfly IPA

Harbour Brewery: Antipodean Pale Ale (can)

Hillstown Brewery: Henrietta the Hen IPA; The Squealing Pig IPA

Hobsons Brewery: New designs – Town Crier; Old Prickly; Green Hop; The Manor;Dhu Stone Stout

Hollow Tree Brewing: Murmuration Weissbier; Wild Series 1:1; Wild Series 1:2; Wild Series 2:1; Wild Series 2:2; Christmas Ale

Hook Norton Brewery: Crafty Fox; Off the Hook; Flagship; Red Rye; Hooky Mild; Double Stout; Ironstone Lager; ESA (with Land Sea Brewing Co); 171 Years – Strong Ale; Coffee Stout; Gold

Hornes Brewery: West Pilsner

*Hoskins Bros. Ale Wagon (brewed at Belvoir Brewery): Penns Ale; IPA; Tom Kelly’s Stout; Hob Bitter

Hunters Brewery: Turtle Bay Jamaican Pale Ale (for Turtle Bay Restaurants)

Inkerman Ales: Stretcher Bearer; Lady Emily; Lord Raglan; Sandbag Battery

*Jiddler’s Tipple (Cuckoo at Birmingham Brewery): Everyday Pale Ale; Bog Standard Lager

*Lamb Brewing Co (formerly Litton Brewery): ESB; Pale; IPA

Leviathan Brewing: Instinct of Survival (can)

Liberation Brewing: Herm Gold; Malty Golden Ale (Thoughtful Forager)

*Little Monster Brewing Co: Babu (can)

London Beer Factory: Fuzzy Recall (Collab. with Gamma Brewing)

Lords Brewing Co: Hoppergrass

Lost Pier Brewery: Malbec Stout

Lovebeer Brewery: Mild Rover

*Lucifer Brewhouse: Sky-P-A

Ludlow Brewing (Derailed Project): Red Dawn (can)

*Macintosh Ales: Best Bitter

Magic Rock Brewery: Dark Arts Hazelnut; Lychee Session Surreal Stout (cans)

Makemake Beer: As Stellar as Ever (can)

*Malt Brewhouse: Blonde Ale; American Pale; Classic Stout; East Coast Pale; India Pale Ale; Autumn Oat Pale

Merchant City Brewing Co (now renamed Glasgow Beer Works): Glenfarda’s Cask Aged Barley Wine

*Mobru (brewed by Elgoods): Raspberry Beer; Strawberry Beer; Mango Beer; Banana Beer

Bragdy Mona: Pabo; Seiriol Wyn; Cybi Felyn; Dwynwen

*Mortimer Brewing Co: Gut Buster (for My Sporting Times 2019 Gut Buster Run)

*Neolithic Brew Co: Bradwell Bay Extra Pale Ale; Dark Water Chocolate Milk Stout; 51st State American Cream Ale; Mosquito Red IPA

*North Pier Brew Co: Bounty Hunter

*North Sea Brewery: Fog Horn; Rig Pig; Floating Jail; North Sea Tiger

Northern Monk Brewing: Stars & Stripes; Order of the Faith; Newer World; Rapscallion (cans)

Northern Whisper Brewing: Shake a Leg (can)

*Old Boot Brewery: Bally’s Promise; Britannia Coconut Dancers Ale

Ora Brewing: Lemoncilla Lemon IPA; Cerbero Timarasu Stout (cans)

*OVR Brewing (brewed at Burnside Brewery): Blowout; Rig Pig; Red Adair 1914

Overstone 109: Fifie Blonde Ale

Panther Brewery: Mild; Black Porter Ale

Phantom Brewery: Joey; Meadow Road Pale Ale (green)

Piglove Brewing: A Fantasticum Universe (can)

*Pinkers Craft Brewery: Cabin Fever; Raspberry Citra Milkshake IPA; Pubtropicana

*Play Five Brewing: Miss Scarlet; Topple; Checkmate

*Point Break Brewery: Breaking Waves; Mystic Moon; Beyond the Break; Inkie’s Smokehouse Session IPA

Pope’s Yard Brewery (Frogmore Mill): Black Forest; Underland; Soluna; Sun Queen; LSP; Quartermaster

*Redchurch Brewery (Harlow): Lager

Roman Way Brewery: Senate Gold; VE IPA

S43 Brewery: Beam me up Stouty (can)

Shepherd Neame: New Dawn Citrus IPA

Sirencraft  Brew: Pompelmocello (can)

*South Causey Brewery: Double Decker Bitter; Phil Yer Boots; Hot Spot Blonde; Craft Lager

Spitting Feathers Brewery: Rush Hour

Stannary Brewery: Black Sheep Stout

Steam Town Brewery: West Coast IPA (can)

Steel Brewing: Slippery Ripple; Weisse Weisse Baby; Cucumber Saison; Mantra; Plymouth Pale Ale

Stewart Brewing: Small Giant; NEIPA Galaxy/Amarillo Hopped (Collab. with Kinnegar, Eire) (cans)

*Stow Fen Brewing: Gold; Amber (used on takeaway containers)

Tap Social Brewery: Cell Count

*Tartarus Beers: Kludde

*Three Blind Mice Brewery: Rocket Nun IPA (can)

*Tingay’s Brewery: Experiment 04

Top Out Brewing:  Cans – Staple; The Cone;with top tab – Copperhead; The Cone; Altbier; Schmankerl; Kellerbier; Smoked Porter; D’mains Tap Session Pale Ale

Totally Brewed: Sorachi Mango IPA (can)

Two Tribes Brewery: Metroland

Ulverston Brewery: Ulversteiner (can)

Unity Brewing Co: Kalopsia Double IPA (can)

Utopian Brewing: Premium British Lager; Unfiltered British Lager; Rainbock (cans)

*Vaux Brewery: A Hazy Shade of Citra (can)

Verdant Brewing: Mary Lou (can)

Vocation Brewery: Breakfast Club 2.0; Hop Skip (collab. with Marble Brewery) (cans); Original Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale (licensed by Shepperton Film Studios)

Wasted Degrees Brewing: Pale Ale (can)

Weldon Brewery: Diab-lo; Raven; Paradisium; Bakehouse Quencher; Turbine; Stahlstadt; Dragline; Windmill; Blackberry Porter; Mad Max; Gooseberry Pale Ale; Galvy Stout; Weldon Porter; Weldon Lager

Welland Brewery: Flatland Bitter; Black Cow Milk Stout

West Beer Co: Heidi Weiss

Whitefaced Beer Co: All Eyes on Me; West Coast IPA (cans)

Wickwar Wessex: Christmas Cracker

*Wild Barn Brewery (new name for Ben Nevis/Jacobite Brewery): Cans – Life’s A Riot; HPA Highland Pale Ale; Mor Wit; Moloko Plus; Heart Break; Big in Japan

Wild Card Brewery: Pale Ale; Waimea IPA (cans)

Wild Horse Brewery: Scorced Earth; Tramcar (cans)

Wilde Child Brewery: Explicit Emphasise (can)

Williams Bros: Hipsway

Weobley Brewing Co: Among the Willows; Magnus Pale Ale

Wensleydale Brewery: High Fives (can)

Yonder Brewing & Blending: Rosehip Saison (can)

Yorkshire Dales Brewery: all cans – Askrigg Ale; Stonka; Hawes Golden IPA; Nappa Scar; Butter Tubs; Salted Caramel Stout; Toasted Marshmallow Stout; Castle Bolton Bitter; Elijah Allen’s Ale

*Zerodegrees Brewing (London): Our Mango Beer

*Zoo Brew: Merlin’s Own; Amman Eagle

71 Brewing: Blueberry Fields; Raspberry Mash; Luminous Lights (for Lidl)*81 Artisan Brewing: Biere Des Avents – 1: Farmhouse Saison – Curacao Orange Peel & Coriander Seed; 2: Farmhouse Saison

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