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Apparently I should have been more specific about where labels from the United Kingdom have been added to the site. I was hoping that some of you would spend all day, surfing the site to try to identify the additions. It seems that was unrealistic.

Over the past 6 months, labels have been added to the geographical galleries for Duncan Gilmour, V.F. Rhodes, Palmers, West Auckland, Kirkstall Brewery, Mason, McMullen, Nimmo and Walker & Homfray. In the Alphabetical section there have been one or two additions to G-I and W-Z. Brewers in Scotland, Lancashire and Staffordshire have had a small number of additions.

We have also added links at the bottom of each page in the US States galleries. This makes it easier to browse the whole of the US section without having to go back through the menu structure each time.

Today’s Advent Calendar post is our traditional “What song is playing in my car now?” post, and will come later today.

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