Size really matters #15; E. Mason & Co., Maidstone

On this occasion it really really mattered to me. First of all I love the labels from the Waterside Brewery. So when I saw a Strong Ale advertised for sale on the interweb, I thought, if I haven’t got that, I will buy it. 103 mm the description said. Out with the album and ruler and I have a Strong Ale but it only measures 92mm. So bought it with no hesitation. And here they are. You will notice they are different designs, the relationship between ‘Prize Medal Beers’ and the rest of the wording at the top is different and the position of ‘Brewed with English Hops’ in relation to E. Mason & Co is also different. Not sure I would have trusted myself to buy without the size, which really matters.



  • PeteS

    Do you have the smaller (68 mm) Strong Ale in red as well. Only asking because my smaller one is yellow.
    I believe I may have seen one that is larger than your 103 mm, but cannot be sure, as it was a while ago.

  • Peter D

    My small Strong Ale is yellow. Never seen a red one. I know someone who might have. There are a variety of colours for the small labels, I have three different colours of the small Bonny Brown Ale. Any chance any of you have an India Pale Ale?

  • Pete S

    No small IPA here, I am afraid. My small Mason’s are orange, pale blue, brown, red & yellow and the yellow Strong Ale and 4 red ones of course. I hope your Bonny is a typo, otherwise that’s another 3 I don’t have. I have orange & red, what’s your other Bonnie colour then?

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