Spot the Difference #126; Watney Combe Reid & Co Ltd

Unusual to feature a label from Watney on here, but this pair does raise a few questions. Is this a Combes label? The trade mark is certainly pre merger, but the whole label design says Watney. We could have put this in the mystery label section. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Eric Dore

    I would suggest that the label on the left is indeed a Combe & Co label. The words around the outer edges of the label support that view – the wording at the top is an obvious clue but the wording at the bottom edge is not so obvious. However, all my early Watney Combe Reid labels state at the bottom either “Incorporated 1898” or “Brewers, London” and none of them state “Brewery, London” which is the wording that Combe & Co did use! Not conclusive, but ….

  • The Printer'e Devil

    A question or two. Did the trade mark change after the take over, as the left hand label has a quite fearsome looking animals head, whereas the right hand one is more like a cartoon bear. Also the position of the words ‘Trade Mark’ is different. Also the horizontal paddle thingy is decidedly foreshortened on the right hand design.
    Anyone know any reasons for the above observations please.

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