Spot the difference #48; Wadworth & Co. Ltd, Devizes

Almost all collectors would not look twice at a Pale Ale label from Wadworths of Devizes. In meetings you couldn’t get anyone to part with 10p for a pile of 100. Few would even look once at the label if it appeared on an internet auction site. So why did I examine one in a packet of labels that arrived in the post this morning. Can you see why?



  • Trevor Jones

    The portcullis is different (in addition, of course, to the different background colour!)

  • Peter D

    Thank you Trevor. I hadn’t even noticed the portcullis difference, I had concentrated on the position of the lettering round the perimeter of the label. Slight differences in colour can be due to sunlight, quantity of ink, the printer and I do keep such colour variations in my collection.

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