Spot the difference #53; Wards Ltd, Foxearth

Seems possible that very few collectors are really interested in collecting these minor differences. There were several available tonight on a well-known internet auction site, with both variations listed and a lucky bidder picked up three or four for not much more than the postage cost.

I do know there is interest out there, one collector with a very extensive collection thanked me for publishing a pair of Southam’s SOS labels that he had not known about, and he picked up the missing variation very soon afterwards.

With regard to ‘Spot the difference’ #37; Massey’s Burnley Brewery, Keith has written in to tell us that ‘Masseys brewer and barrels trade mark registered 1885 and the owl trade mark registered in 1937. It’s possible owl was in use before 1937 but can’t say for sure.’

Many thanks for that. You can find the labels at

To keep you going here are two Wards No. 1 Strong Ale labels with a number of minor differences.

Ward Foxearth

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