Spot the difference #63; John Groves, Weymouth

I am frequently asked whether the small differences are really differences or just more or less ink on the roller, one of them has been out in sun for while, beginning/end of run. Usually I am able to point out differences which would indicate a different die, which is so much better, like this pair from John Groves. Until this weekend, I was unaware that this difference existed. Does it add value to my collection of Groves labels? What do you think?

Groves 2

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  • bastien

    For me, the two labels are different… I concider 3 differences :
    – the anchor, the woman, the shielding
    – the comma under d of “Ltd”
    – the ends of “arabasque” (is this word correct ??) : look near “registred”, “this” and “brewers”

    I have to spot my duplicates to recover this label !!!!!


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