Spot the difference #68; Workington Brewery Co

While I was sorting the images for the weekend’s giant upload, I came across these two from the Workington Brewery. I think this will be another one that collectors will comment about, although not necessarily on the site. These are the smaller 64mm labels destined for half pint bottles. I don’t know whether there were similar differences on the pint label.

Workington Workington - Old Ale v2


  • Dale Adams

    This is a very interesting pair of labels. Obviously completely different printing plates as the artwork is completely different. Somewhat oddly, I think the one on the right is the newer of the pair as the slightly more ‘crusty’ image of what I take as John Peel appears other Workington labels of later issue.

    I also note that I have an additional label to add to this spot the difference. I believe it to be of an earlier issue that either of these two. Additionally, I have a fourth version of Old Ale that is even older that has a completely different design. I will forward images of both of these for addition to the Gallery section for Workington.


  • Peter D

    An excellent contribution to my knowledge of the labels from the Workington Brewery and I hope for others too. Well worth adding to this Spot the difference. Are there other examples for Stout, Pale Ale which have the John Peel and the name of the beer in black? I think we should be told.
    Thank you Dale for this and I have added both to the featured brewery section.

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Peter
    Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.
    And an opps from me as I missed that I also have a ‘Stout’ label that is not included in the Gallery section so will send a image of that one to you to insert.
    I also note that I have some larger versions of some of these labels, 82mm, but are otherwise generally the same. Let me know if you would like scans of these.

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