Spot the difference #69; Wrekin Brewery Co Ltd

I am grateful to Bill for this pair of labels from the Wrekin Brewery. Some of the differences I have seen before on other Wrekin labels, but I was not aware of the additional full stops (or lack of them). Hopefully, other collectors will send in their examples for this section, that’s two in a row where I have learned something new.

Wrekin 2


  • Fascinated by beer labels

    These last two posts have been very good. You probably haven’t been thinking of my ‘beer label snobbery’ comment when you put them up, but these are exactly the sort of relatively common labels that can be picked up for a few pounds. We want to know about these differences and mean far more to us ‘ordinary members’ than the ones which change hands for a weeks wages, although they are interesting. More please.
    And I see you have taken on the snobbery thing. Nice to see a number of 1950s and 60s labels on your recent featured breweries.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

    I will agree with that last comment. You caught me on f***book. And its ages since we had anything from Gods Own County. Get your finger out webthingy.

  • Pete S

    I assume everyone has noticed the differences between the ‘top hats’, the jacket detailing and of course the different typefaces. Unlike the ‘Yorkie’, most of us think the webthingy is doing a grand job and I hope ‘Yorkie’ was on *acebook, not the other option.

  • Dale Adams

    Seems like in the past, that brewers like Wrenkin wanted to keep the overall appearance of the their labels as brands pretty stable and even as demonstrated here and elsewhere in the STD series there is a change of artwork/printer etc.
    To many breweries these days change their brand images with every bottling run! Great if you want to collect loads of labels from one brewery. Great is all you want to do is stand out as ‘new’ on the supermarket beer shelf. Not so great for an enduring identity of a product.

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