Spot the difference #79; Friary, Holroyd & Healy’s Breweries Ltd

Two XXXX Strong Ale labels from the Friary brewery. The scarcer one of the two, and the later,  was auctioned at the Society AGM last Saturday for lots of money.




  • phil waller


    Nice to see the pictures of the the old labels. Now i have The original Ledger from the Company which list over 400 public houses & land owned by the company. All hand written in the late 1800s. Any collectors out there ???

  • Malcolm Ayling


    Do you have any information regarding The Rifleman at Alexandra Road, Aldershot please?

  • Peter D

    The Rifleman was owned by Thomas Kenward of Hartley Wintney. I don’t know if there were previous owners. in 1921, the Hartley Wintney Brewery was acquired by Friary, Holroyd and Healy of Guildford. Some of Kenward’s pubs went to Dymore Brown of Reading, but it seems not the Rifleman. The pub closed in 1959, and is now a private house.

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