Spot the difference # 89; Daniell & Sons, West Bergholt & Colchester

At a meeting yesterday in the delightful confines of the Craven Arms in Birmingham, Adrian passed me a group of labels from Daniell’s of West Bergholt. Nothing of interest there then; until I noticed a couple of pairs that looked different. Here are the Dark Dan pair and I still do not have the one on the right.

Daniell 1


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  • Dale Adams

    OK so I am regularly frustrated by these spot the difference posts but this on for some reason really gets under my skin! When this one was pointed out to me at the weekend, I went album diving to see what I had and this is where my frustration began! Not only do I not have either of these variations 🙁 ,There are apparently similar differences in numerous Daniell labels that I don’t have as well! I am diffidently going to be on the lookout in the future for these!

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