Stan’s Desert Island Beer Labels #10

There has been a bit of a conflict about what we use for this last post. My grandchildren were very keen to put in something from the microbreweries that they like so much, but I thought it was better to put in the history part of this family. Even though they have done everything to do with the computer and I worried that they would just go it alone, I finally won the argument. So why this label from all those that we found scattered across about different parts of the family. There was a strong family connection with Ye Olde Fleece in Gateshead; Aunt Lucy worked there and it is certain that someone from that side of the family was either a manger or tenant there. It was at one time an Ind Coope pub. There was also a bottling stores in Newcastle for Ind Coope and it may be that these labels came from there, before going for export. It may be that we all just like the design.Ind Coope


  • Dale Adams

    To Stan & family:

    What a great set of Desert Island Beer Labels! I am impressed with this the final label in your set of 10, I am sorry to know that it is the last and that no others will be appearing. 🙁

    But wait, why should this be the last!! Please, Please, Please, could you continue to share a few more of these great labels from your family, along with the stories???? How about a ‘Stan’s DIBL redux’ for a second set of ten!!!????

    I want to see and read about more, more, more!!!

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    This has been a wonderful set of labels. So many I have not seen before. I would like to do a set of my own, but I am not sure whether the labels I have in my collection will be as interesting as these. If I did it would just have to be the labels I particularly liked, not necessarily where I lived, went to school, worked or went on holiday.

  • Dale Adams

    Go for it Fascinated! I would love to see the kind of labels that you like and to learn why. Doesn’t really matter if they are rare or common. All that matters is that they have meaning to you! Please share!

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