The Society begins eBay sales

The Society has started to sell its surplus labels through eBay. We recently purchased a very large collection of labels, and there is no possibility that the members of our Society will purchase every label in that collection. As our membership will know, our constitution requires that any labels held by the Society must be offered to the membership first, so all labels on offer will be the unsold items from postal, online or meeting auctions. Starting price will always be 99p so there will be bargains, especially if you forgot to bid in the previous auctions. This way of widening the knowledge of beer label collecting and the Society can only benefit both ourselves and the wider collecting community, especially since we are aware that some peoples computer skills don’t extend much beyond find a label, type a number, click submit.

This link will get you to the first of the labels listed, Williams Old Ale

Bids would be most welcome, and on the right hand side of the page is a “see other items” link

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