The Three Castles Brewery, Pewsey

The brewery was named after three ancient sites in North Wiltshire, however I am not sure that the illustration on the label is actually one of those three. But where is it??

3 Castles


  • PeteS

    Barbury, Liddington & Uffington Castles are the 3 castles in question. All of which are iron age hill forts & neither look now nor did they look in the iron age like the image on the above label. May well be based on a castle in south east England, but I wouldn’t put money on it. Not yet anyway

  • Dale Adams

    Finally! A modern castle label! Wait, is that an oxymoron???

  • John Lester

    I think this may be Conway Castle in Caernarvonshire.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    John. You are absolutely right. You can see the castle from the same angle if you google Conwy castle, the road bridge seems to have been airbrushed out. I have looked at all the castles in the south of England to find out where it is. Thank you.

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