Unusual names for a Stout #15; K Luncheon

Nice old label from Devenish & Co and I can understand Luncheon Stout, but why did they need to add the K in front. Is that similar to the use of AK and KK by other brewers?

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  • Edd Mather

    Hi All,
    I imagine that the prefix “K” possibly referred to the maturation and packaging process, with a good, well matured beer being the result, as K usually means ‘Store/Mature in beers as a prefix.
    A. K, is a different beast, usually a Light Bitter, though a K.. A, would probably be a Keeping Ale ; and just to confuse matters, Tetley’s of Leeds used the suffix “K” for their Bitter between 1868 and 1916!!.
    Edd Mather

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