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Thanks to Nick for prompting this post. He sent an image of a Simonds label and asked about the apostrophe. Rather than just post that image and the question, I decided to combine it into Spot The Difference #175 and Size Really Matters #27. So when did Simonds drop the apostrophe? IN the smaller label, it is clear it has just been erased and no attempt made to adjust the position of the name. I think the Ld abbreviation dates it to the 1930s or earlier. The 1947 Royal Tour labels have no apostrophe. So anyone with any more information? Nick’s original image, which prompted the question is here as well, because I like it.

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  • Raymond Simonds

    Interesting Post!
    I run a website devoted to the History of the Simonds family brewery.
    I have a collection of several of 100’s of Simonds Brewery labels. Only 1 label shows an apostrophe, Reading Stout. I wonder if there is a version that clearly has the apostrophe removed.
    Sadly I also have no data on when the apostrophe was dropped, but this style of label was pre-war..
    You can see my collection on

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