Advent Calendar Day 23; Spot the Difference #184

It’s not often you get four labels in a spot the difference, it must be Christmas. Or what passes for Christmas 2020. Little changes in design are always interesting for the collector; these 4 from the Hull Brewery Co were probably introduced within the space of three years.


  • Edd

    Hi All ,
    Nice labels, interesting to see the use of
    “Crystal Ales” on the top right label , usually taken to mean a brewery conditioned product line , is this one an earlier label than the rest ?,or is it an ‘ outside firm’s bottling’?
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

  • Charlie D

    The changes are interesting, and like all interesting things they lead to curiosity. What year(s) were they released and why have variation in the labels at all? I mean the last question purely from a brewing pov of course, for a collector, the differences are wonderful.

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