Mystery Label #22

A stopper label sent in by Denis Macbrew. Now if this is a mystery to Denis, then it really is a mystery. Perhaps we need to get the big guns out for this one. Unlike many other Mystery labels this one does give us at least 2 clues.

J Bell


  • Dale Adams

    I have searched my entire reference library and can find no reference to a J. Bell Brewer, York entry. Someone with a more extensive library or knowledge is going to have to pipe in to solve this one!

  • Michael

    The very last directory of British Breweries produced by Friedrich, this name is not listed. The only Bell mentioned in York is William M Bell 1877.
    Mannfred produced his directories by searching ALL of the trade catalogues in the British Library; but of course not every firm or individual paid to be listed in the individual directories.
    The strap looks to be 1920’s/1930’s – could it be from a home brew pub?

  • Keith Osborne

    The only Bell listed in York running a pub that I can find was Thomas Bell of 24 Lord Mayors Walk. This was a beerhouse called The Unicorn. Bell was certainly in occupation in 1895 and interestingly, had a daughter Julia and a son James! I don’t think the Unicorn lasted very long afterwards, however (it was a drapers shop in 1913 but a George Bell was a fried fish dealer at 22) and there is no evidence to suggest it was a home brewed pub. Stopper labels would appear to date from 1902 when the Intoxicating Liquor (Sale to Children) Act was introduced. More research needed I’m afraid!

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