Mystery Label #6

Just this one before we return to Dale’s selection. Now I guess it is probably from a bottling company, maybe in the North West. However I may well be barking up the wrong piece of wood, I’ve been wrong before & will no doubt be wrong again.


Of course not everyone brewed Pilsener types beers (lagers), so could this mean it originates from Wrexham Lager Beer Co. If so my guess of North West may be right, we all get lucky sometime.



    Fairly easy one for me , as I purchased all that remained from J.P.O’Brien from a relative of J.A O’REILLY who was one of the directors of the bottlers from Liverpool. I have a similar label with the name on it. I will send that to the 2 Peters to put along side this one , AGM

  • Pete S

    I thought you might know, but I couldn’t remember, but any clues as to the brewer. As it was Liverpool bottler, does this mean Wrexham were likely brewers.

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