Mystery Labels #28

Denis has sent in these two images. The Sparkling Dinner Ale is from the Whitefield Brewery and so predates the 1899 merger to form Whitefield Breweries Ltd. The stopper label doesn’t mention Whitefield, but the Whitefield Brewery was in Besses o’ th’ Barn which is  actually mentioned in wiki. Was there another brewery in Besses and where does Samuel Lord fit into the operation. Was he just a bottler in Bolton?


  • John L

    Samuel Lord is shown as an ale and porter merchant and bottler in Bolton in the 1887 edition of ‘Kelly’s Directory of the Wine and Spirit Trades, Brewers and Maltsters &c’ – but in Exchange Street rather than Brook Street.

  • Edd Mather

    It could be that it was a similar situation to the Barrow in Furness Wine & Spirit Merchants etc, that were brewing under contract at Hartley’s of Ulverston , until the late 60’s – early 70’s not sure ; I think it was Thompson’s ? .

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