Spot the Difference #118; Greenall Whitley & Co Ltd

Sorry to return to Greenall Whitley, but arising from the same email exchange with agm, I noticed another pair with a number of detail differences. Here are a pair of Brown Ale labels, not considered very desirable, but how many collectors out there have both of these?


  • Keith Osborne

    There is in fact a 3rd Brown Ale label with the word “Wilderspool” in black instead of brown. And the same differences you show also appear in the Pale Ale label!

  • Ordinance Survvey

    Is the scale a tad different?

  • Eric Dore

    After nearly 40 years of collecting beer labels I finally acquired (two days ago, in fact) the Pale Ale version of this label (see Keith’s response) and today I find out that there are three versions of it! Sigh!!

  • Peter D

    Eric, you should be pleased! the chance of finding something you haven’t got at a very reasonable price. It certainly shows the value of this theme. So much we may not be aware of, and that’s what make it so interesting. Every time I look at these I see something else that’s different. Yes Pete, the scale does seem to be very slightly larger on the right label, which I think is earlier.

  • Brendan Bush

    Wow. It is well over 15 years since I was a member of the Labologists Soc. and my only contact with collecting now us through this informative website. I thought the collectors I used to meet and talk to were long dead or had lost interest but today I find two of them are still there and comment on the same topic.

  • Eric Dore

    Well, not dead! And at least we are generating some interest/comment! My previous comments were a bit tongue in cheek really. My GW Brown Ale and Pale Ale labels are the design of the label on the right – so has anyone out there have a spare of the label (BA or PA) on the left?

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