Spot the Difference #156; Fremlins Ltd

The thing that I love abut ‘Spot the Difference’ is the times one of our members sends in images of labels with a difference that I hadn’t seen before. I have received a couple recently from Nick and here is the second. A label I would be unlikely to look at twice, except now I know what I am looking for. If it wasn’t for the fact that it should be the same colour as much of the rest of the label, I would assume they just forgot that colour.


  • Eric Dore

    Well done Nick for spotting this. It seems the example with less wording is the rarer. In the next set of labels (rectangular with a black background) the words do not appear – unless you know differently!!

  • Nick Drew


    I wonder if the change arose because Fremlins could no longer guarantee that the Beer was ‘ bittered entirely with hops’?

    Fremlins also dropped the wording on one of the small ‘Special Stout’ ovals.

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