Spot the difference #77; P. Phipps & Co Ltd

At the end of an enjoyable and fruitful decision making meeting at the Craven Arms, I had a glance through a couple of albums that had been donated to the Society. I have probably seen both these labels many times on their own, but it is only when someone mounts them side by side in an album that the difference was so obvious. And it not one of those small differences either.  I much prefer the design on the left and I suspect that the one on the right was issued first and quickly replaced by the one on the left.

Phipps 2



  • Dale Adams

    I had a similar reaction to Pete D at the committee meeting; Do I have both of those??? So when I returned home it was straight to the albums to check! The answer was yes, I do have them both so that was a bit of relief!
    How ever, I disagree with Pete on the ages as I think that the label on the left is the older of the two. I base this on the fact that one on the right is almost the exact same design as one used on Phipps later rectangular labels. In any case, I think both are great labels & I am glad to have them both in my collection!

  • Dale Adams

    Opps, I also meant to mention that I think that the label on the right dates from the early 1950’s as the design cues are very very similar to the ‘Phipps Double Crown’ 1953 Coronation label. Check it out in the 1953 Coronation Gallery and see what I mean!

  • Peter D

    Thanks for that Dale. I went back to look at the later IPA from after the merger with Northampton Brewery Co and you are quite right. There is design continuity from the label on the right. That also fits in with the design similarity with the Double Crown Coronation label to the label on the left. I have added an image of the later label to the ‘Spot the difference’ entry.

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